The Jewish Community and Israeli Foreign Policy Toward South Africa under the Apartheid Regime – 1961-1967

Itzhak Mualem



The discussion of a diaspora’s influence of a sovereign state’s foreign policy provides a new perspective on the nature of international relations. Foreign policy in this context is analyzed in this paper through various theoretical approaches. First, the Realistic approach, examining inter-state relations between Israel and South Africa and the black continent states; The second approach, the Neoliberal approach, examining the processes of cooperation in social and economic areas; The third approach, the State-Diaspora model, examining the impact of the Jewish context on relations between Israel and South Africa. The diaspora phenomenon is universal. However, this case is unique due to the influence of the Jewish Diaspora over Israel's foreign policy. This unique discussion leads to the existence of a complex Israeli-Jewish foreign policy.


Keywords: political realism, neoliberalism, diaspora, foreign policy, apartheid, Jewish community


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