Journal History

The Jewish Journal of Sociology was sponsored by the Cultural Department of the World Jewish Congress from its inception in 1959 until the end of 1980. Thereafter, from the first issue of 1981 (Volume 23, No. 1), the journal has been sponsored by the Maurice Freedman Research Trust Ltd, which is registered as an educational chairty by the Charity Commission of England and Wales (no. 326077). It has as its main purpose the encouragement of research in the the sociology of the Jews and teh publiction of The Jewish Journal of Sociology.

The founding Editor was Morris Ginsberg, and the founding Managing Editor was Maurice Freedman.  Morris Ginsberg, who had been Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics, died in 1970. Maurice Freedman, who had been professor of Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics and later at the University of Oxford, suceeded to the title in 1971, when Dr Judith Freedman (who had been assistant editor since 1963) became Managing Editor. Maurice Freedman died in 1975; from then until her death in December 2009 the journal was edited by Dr Judith Freedman. The 2010 and 11 volumes were edited by Marlena Schmool and Geoffrey Alderman and the current volume by Stanley Waterman.